About Me

Born in :ukraine:, I did my primary schooling in :russia: and them moved to :bangladesh: for my high school. I eventually ended up doing my undergrad in :bangladesh:, where I worked for a few years. Eventually felt like I wanted to do more to contribute to the intelligent society, so I moved to :us: to pursue my Ph.D.

During my time in :bangladesh:, I've delved deep into eSports, leading the top Counter-Strike team in the country for over six years. I've also often played :football: and :tennis: tournaments, although I never was nearly as good at it. Whatever I played, I mostly would just get very competitive at it.

I got married in late 2022 and moved to the :us: with my wife. We recently adopted the cutest little :cat:, Kyubi, lights up our days with his antics.

Now that I'm close to finishing my Ph.D., I'm looking for internships here in the :us:, and hoping to work on some interesting projects in the field of HCI, AI, Cybersecurity, Ethics, and even Gaming if an opportunity presents itself. I have broad skillsets in all of those fields, and I'm always looking to mix them up and try something new.