About Me

I was born in Ukraine and completed my primary schooling in Russia before moving to Bangladesh for high school. I eventually pursued my undergraduate degree in Bangladesh and worked there for a few years. However, I felt that I wanted to do more to contribute to society, so I moved to the US to pursue my Ph.D.

During my time in Bangladesh, I became deeply involved in eSports and led the top Counter-Strike team in the country for over six years. Although I also played football and tennis tournaments, I was never nearly as good at them. Whatever I played, I mostly just got very competitive.

I got married in late 2022 and moved to the US with my wife. We recently adopted the cutest little cat named Kyubi who lights up our days with his antics.

Now that I’m close to finishing my Ph.D., I’m looking for internships here in the US and hoping to work on some interesting projects in the field of HCI, AI, Cybersecurity, Ethics, and even Gaming if an opportunity presents itself. I have broad skillsets in all of those fields and am always looking to mix them up and try something new.

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